The Manson File UK Book Launch

Keep up to date on all the happenings surrounding the imminent release of the UK Ultimate Edition of The Manson File by Crossbank Publishing including my September book launch/screening/lecture in London, new Manson File posters from the art of Jason Atomic & Manko Sebastian ready to purchase and more here at this link.

Promotion Of The UK Edition Of The Manson File At The Satanic Flea Market In London

Attention, London! On the 3rd of July I’ll be making my first UK appearance since November 2019 at the Satanic Flea Market at Electrowerkz to begin promotion of the imminent release of the UK edition of The Manson File on Crossbank Publishing. I’ll be there to meet and greet, to sign any books, records, CDs, or body parts you care to bring. We will also hold the first private meeting of this forum’s members since 2019. Also, IMPORTANT : for anyone in the UK who has ordered but not yet received their Manson File, I will bring as many as I can with me so I can personally hand deliver your signed copy to you at the event. If you wish me to bring your copy to you, please send an email as soon as possible with the title “July 3 London” to so that can be arranged. I hope to see many of you there as we finally resume the activities the world’s unwelcome Chinese visitor postponed.

– NS

The Manson File Orders

The Manson File was published in May 2022 and after the delay caused by COVID related manufacturing issues, we began shipping on 23 May. If you have ordered a copy, please confirm your current address at

Thank you.

– Team Schreck

New Interview

David Farrier interviews Nikolas on The Manson File.