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September 22, 2020

Witching all of you a festive, joyous and powerful Autumn Equinox. Celebrate the purifying energies of Fall.

A new interview with me conducted by our friends at the Reprobate. Make sure to check in to the Reprobate page at 9pm Central European Time for the exclusive premiere of my new double feature music video and experience my brand new album BerliNoir at Bandcamp, premiering on this auspicious day.

My full album BerliNoir is also out digitally today. Recorded during the summer of Corona, BerliNoir is a deep gaze at ego, id, human interactions with an eye upon other realms. Also available on Apple Music, Google, Napster, etc.

May your illusions fall away like Autumn leaves on this day, clearing the way for the new and the real.

Blessings, NS


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