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November 16, 2020

Mansonphiles, Alikens, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The pre-order phase of World Operations’ release of the revised ultimate edition of The Manson File officially ended on November 11, 2020. The special low pre-order price offered to thank those who ordered the personally autographed edition available to members of The Manson File closed group forum on Facebook from July to August 8th and the standard edition available from August 8th to November 11 has now been adjusted to the general release price. Shipping should commence in late November after personalized autographed editions are signed, address changes since July are confirmed by email, and a slight delay in lead times due to COVID-19 restraints. Thank you all for your support of this work. We hope that if the current crisis levels off Nikolas will be able to embark on the already planned book signing and lecture tour in 2021. The standard and autographed edition is now available worldwide exclusively here.

Team Schreck


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