The Manson File Book Jacket Preview & Update

January 6, 2021

As we already announced on our website on December 1, there is an unavoidable industry-wide Corona based delay with our publishers that is out of our hands like so many things in this year of global obstacles. All Mansonphiles will be notified when shipping.

We will be in touch as soon as printing and shipping can proceed, thanks for your patience! We are as eager to get the Good Book to you as you are to get it. Click on the image below to see book jacket in more detail.

Team Schreck


    • Pearly Baker

      It’s time for another update … if only to say the exact same thing … and we should have some indication for people who bought the unsigned copy, who would presumably receive their copies first, how long we think it will be before the finished printed book actually reaches our hands.


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