New Manson File Update

August 8, 2021

Mansonphiles and Mansonphobes, as mentioned on our website, now that the long and severe pandemic restrictions we endured in Germany have come to an end (far more severe than anything in the US), we are able to resume from where we left off in November when the lockdown prevented publication much to all of our frustration. The lockdown not only postponed the book but also delayed manufacture of my most recent albums in vinyl format, as well as other items and merchandise planned for 2020. As this third manifestation of the File will truly be the last in this long journey, I am letting you know that I’m currently adding several pages of relevant newly discovered crucial information that came to my attention since the lockdown, so that this final edition is as complete as it is possible to make it. I say that with the full futile understanding that the second the book is published , it’s inevitable that more new data will arise as it always does in this endless voyage into the unknown. However, that will be somebody else’s task to contend with. I would like to thank you all for your patience during this unprecedented period we’ve all gone through, and express my appreciation to you all for your participation in this forum, which even after the final File is in your hands will remain an oasis in the sea of the social media cesspool. Important: If you have moved or changed your postal address since ordering, please send your new address to if you have not done so yet. Once books have shipped, if current easing of travel restrictions continues unhindered, we will be planning a book tour with lectures, signings and other special events, as well as interviews discussing the book. Thanks for your support through this difficult time. – NS


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