Other Writings

Contributions to Other Books, Publications and Court Proceedings

”Atom Age Antichrist”

Contribution to The Bad Mirror.

Essays on the suicides of Douglas Cammell and Adolf Hitler

Contribution to Straight to Hell: 20th Century Suicides.

”Art and Crime”

Contribution to Art That Kills.

Art, poetry and Werewolf Order texts

Contribution to NOX: The Black Book –Infernal Texts.

Anton LaVey: Legend and Reality

Anton LaVey: Legend and Reality – A Special Issue of SYZYGY: Journal of Alternative Religion and Culture. Vol. 11, ©2002, Academic Publishing, editors J.A. Petersen, E.D.Oliver, J.R. Lewis, M. Alisauskiene. The only authorized publication of this privately published fact sheet written for distribution to journalists who contacted the Schrecks for comment after LaVey’s death. It was later placed without permission on the Internet.

”Radio Werewolf Indoctrination”

Contribution to Apocalypse Culture. Co-authored with Evil Wilhelm.

Richard Ramirez’s Final Statement to the Court Before Sentencing

Co-authored with Richard Ramirez, Zeena.

Internal publications

Articles and essays for internal publications of the Radio Werewolf Youth Party (1985-1988), Werewolf Order (1988-1999), Temple of Set (1995-2002), The Storm and Sethian Liberation Movement (2002-Present).

Liner notes essay for Charles Manson’s recording Horsefly

Available from here.

Nikolas Schreck has also worked anonymously as a translator from German to English and as ghost writer and editor.