Nikolas Schreck


O, A Weird Flower


Schreck 2020: I’m Afraid of America EP

The Illusionist

The Futura Model EP


On 27 September 2014, Nikolas Schreck returned to music as a solo artist with a series of live and recorded collaborations with percussionist John Murphy when they performed the sonic ritual “In Her Thrall: Evokation des Ewig-Weiblichen” at Tower Transmissions IV Music Festival in Dresden, Germany. The song “O, A Weird Flower!” from that concert can be heard on the John Murphy Tribute Album “All My Sins Remembered” released by the Epicurean label. In 2016, Schreck and his band performed at the Epicurean Escapism Festival in Berlin. His song “Lord Sutekh’s Dream” which was premiered during that concert was released on the Epicurean Escapism III compilation CD. The song ‘’Catherine Knows’’ was also recorded at that time. In August of 2019, the release of Schreck’s album The Illusionist by Records Ad Nauseam was celebrated at an event and signing at Zebulon in Los Angeles, featuring the song ‘’This Hideous Thing’’. On July 4th 2020, the three-song EP Schreck 2020: I’m Afraid of America was released. On the Autumn Equinox 2020 the album Berlin Noir, recorded during the Covid crisis of that year, was released.