Radio Werewolf



Formed in Los Angeles 1984 by Schreck, organist and pianist Nathan Pino, and drummer Evil Wilhelm from the union of two previous bands Schreck and Pino’s Conqueror Worm, and Pino and Wilhelm’s Ponitus Pilate. Bassist Adam Crocker joined the band for its first series of performances in the Summer of 1985. Presenting their concerts as tightly rehearsed theatrical events called Radio Werewolf Youth Rallies, replete with printed programs, a formal introduction by a Mistress of Ceremonies Ann-Marie Bates, a trio of female back up singers called The She-Wolves, and promoted by aggressive postering similar to a political campaign organized by a Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, Radio Werewolf’s performances at the Whisky Au Go Go, Club Lingerie, The Scream and other landmark LA venues soon won a cult following named the Radio Werewolf Youth Party. Bassist James Collord joined the band before the Rally held at the Roxy Theater on Sunset Blvd, which was the last concert of founding member Nathan Pino, who was asked to leave the band due to the usual rock and roll personal issues. He was replaced by keyboardist Paul Antonelli, formerly of the new wave band Animotion. Antonelli’s introduction into the band led to the pipe organ Lycanthropachord becoming a fixture in the ever more elaborate Radio Werewolf stage show. From 1987 on, infamous Hollywood horror character and beatnik Bongo Wolf appeared at the Rallies to play bongos on the song ‘’Charlie’s Girl.’’ Appearances of Radio Werewolf on the pioneering combat TV show Wally George’s Hot Seat and the banning of the Friends of Justice Spring Equinox benefit concert for Manson pushed the Radio Werewolf cult into a far more controversial extreme, which made the Rallies ever more tense and emotional spectacles. At the same time, Radio Werewolf became increasingly accepted by the mainstream with its casting to play themselves in the Paul Bartel horror comedy film Mortuary Academy. Radio Werewolf’s successful opening of the Gothic club The Krypt led to the only official release from the early phase of Radio Werewolf, their song ‘’Buried Alive’’, appearing on the Bomp Records Gothic compilation American Gothic. A full length Radio Werewolf debut album was recorded but never appeared and has long since established a life of its own as an endlessly copied bootleg bringing the Radio Werewolf repertoire to new generations of listeners for 30 years without ever being officially released. Coverage of the Radio Werewolf phenomenon by the international press, especially in Germany and Austria, led to a widening fan base outside of Los Angeles, encouraging German label Gymnastic to re-release American Gothic in Europe. Radio Werewolf’s appearance at the notorious 8/8/88 ritual and related appearance on the highly rated and controversial Geraldo Rivera TV special Exposing Satan’s Underground led to drummer Evil Wilhelm quitting the band, which started Phase Two of Radio Werewolf’s operation. Schreck recorded the album The Fiery Summons in San Francisco in December of 1988. That album was eventually released by Gymnastic Records, ending the Los Angeles chapter of Radio Werewolf and ushering in the prolific European era.