Mes livres en français

We are pleased to announce that aesthetically designed French language editions of the updated and revised final editions of my books The Satanic Screen (L’Écran Satanique) and The Manson File (Le Dossier Manson) will be released later this year by my official French publisher Editions Pansoph, the same visionary craftsman who brings you Cyclic Law. Both volumes are in the process of translation now, with other new books of mine in the works . – NS

Final Manson File Update

We are pleased to announce that after a series of unavoidable Covid-related delays and obstacles, books will be shipped internationally in 3-4 weeks. If you have not yet sent us confirmation of your mailing address please do so by writing to You will receive a confirmation email the moment your order is sent to you. Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your support in this chaotic period. To order:

Samhain Blessings

On this somber Samhain of the plague, when masks are more than a trick or treat and imminent death is no sideshow spookshow, let us reflect on the porous border between the world of the living and the realm of restless spirits. Explore the fragility, melancholy beauty and impermanence of this brief incarnation we are each existing in.

To mark the season of the witch I gave an interview entitled “I Will Be Your Enemy” to Austin Smedley of Beyond the Well as well as an interview with The Magician and the Fool concerning sonic magic, mysticism, and the mystery of death.

The Day of The Dead is upon us.

Blessings as we walk between the worlds.


Various News

Witching all of you a festive, joyous and powerful Autumn Equinox. Celebrate the purifying energies of Fall.

A new interview with me conducted by our friends at the Reprobate. Make sure to check in to the Reprobate page at 9pm Central European Time for the exclusive premiere of my new double feature music video and experience my brand new album BerliNoir at Bandcamp, premiering on this auspicious day.

My full album BerliNoir is also out digitally today. Recorded during the summer of Corona, BerliNoir is a deep gaze at ego, id, human interactions with an eye upon other realms. Also available on Apple Music, Google, Napster, etc.

May your illusions fall away like Autumn leaves on this day, clearing the way for the new and the real.

Blessings, NS