The Satanic Screen Deluxe Spanish Version

We are pleased to announce that we have signed this pact with Manus Sinistra publishers to release a deluxe Spanish language of my book The Satanic Screen, due for release later this year. Images from three Spanish diabolical films to whet your appetite. Nos complace anunciar que hemos firmado este pacto con la editorial Manus Sinistra para lanzar una edición de lujo en español de mi libro The Satanic Screen, que se lanzará a finales de este año. Imágenes de tres películas diabólicas españolas para abrir el apetito.

Mes livres en français

We are pleased to announce that aesthetically designed French language editions of the updated and revised final editions of my books The Satanic Screen (L’Écran Satanique) and The Manson File (Le Dossier Manson) will be released later this year by my official French publisher Editions Pansoph, the same visionary craftsman who brings you Cyclic Law. Both volumes are in the process of translation now, with other new books of mine in the works . – NS

Final Manson File Update

We are pleased to announce that after a series of unavoidable Covid-related delays and obstacles, books will be shipped internationally in 3-4 weeks. If you have not yet sent us confirmation of your mailing address please do so by writing to You will receive a confirmation email the moment your order is sent to you. Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your support in this chaotic period. To order: